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As well as contributing to the UK’s growing renewable energy generation, Meikle Carewe Wind Farm has provided significant local economic benefits with over £1.1 Million spent locally to date.  Contracts were set up with local hotels and cleaning companies.  All the stone and concrete used during the construction process was sourced from local suppliers and local drivers utilised to deliver materials to the site.  The balance of the workforce at Meikle Carewe lived locally during the working week, creating significant revenue for local accommodation providers.   For the 25 year lifetime of the project RES anticipates to spend locally in the region of £6.7Million, of which £3.3 Million will be paid to the local council in business rates.

RES’ commitment to community benefits at Meikle Carewe Wind Farm will see over £1.2 Million available in the local area throughout the lifetime of the wind farm.  This is split between the Meikle Carewe Wind Farm Community Benefit Fund and RES’ innovative Local Electricity Discount Scheme (LEDS).

Community Benefit Fund

The Meikle Carewe Community Benefit Fund has been established to support groups and projects which benefit the communities living in the community council areas of Crathes, Drumoak and Durris; Newtonhill, Muchalls & Cammachmore; North Kincardine Rural; Portlethen and District; Stonehaven & District.   Managed by the Kincardineshire Development Partnership (KDP), applications to the fund are assess by a decision making panel made up of representatives from all five community council areas.  £20,500 (index linked) is available annually for the lifetime of the wind farm.

Information on how to submit an application can be found on the KDP website here.

Enquiries regarding Meikle Carewe Wind Farm Community Benefit Fund should be directed in the first instance to:

Tel:    01569 763246
Email: windfarms@kdp.scot 


The Local Electricity Discount Scheme (LEDS) has been developed by RES as a new form of benefit for communities hosting its wind farms. The scheme is open to all residential, business and community buildings (including schools, places of worship and village halls) within the eligible area that have an electricity meter.

LEDS at Meikle Carewe is offering people living and working within 3.5 kilometres of the 12-turbine wind farm an annual discount of £122 off their electricity bill.  RES made the first LEDS payment at Meikle Carewe Wind Farm in May 2014. If you would like to find out more contact our LEDS team on: 0800 011 3341